Photo Courtesy :  Aniruddh Photo Company

Photo Courtesy : Aniruddh Photo Company


Ever since I could remember I would steal my mother's camera from her desk and take pictures of family, friends, and the occasional mischief that I would manage to get myself into. That love grew into a passion when I realized it could be a lifestyle and a career. I grew up in San Diego where beach culture and almost all other forms of inspiration surrounded me. 

Now that I reside in Los Angeles, I find myself in the center of this massive melting pot where all types of people and cultures meet.  

The experiences with my camera have led and continue to lead me to places and people I will never forget. From having a formal education at Hallmark Institute of Photography (where I was taught by names such as Gregory Heisler, Dick D'Alessandro, Michael Zide, David Turner, and Richard Barnes) to assisting Robert Clark (National Geographic) to photographing the United States Ambassador to Argentina, Deepak Chopra, and much more. 


Partial Client List:


Holiday Inn

The Dudes Brewing Company

VUE Bar + Restaurant


Awesomeness TV


I Love Lucy Tour Live

Main Street Hub

He Said She Said Productions 

Off The Dock - A Lakeshore Company

Cruiser Vodka



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